Ages 6 through 18

These classes spend their time in the gym only learning skills that are on the floor exercise and trampoline. Much focus is put on this one event so the learning curve is a bit faster. This class is great for cheerleaders, dancers, as well as gymnasts.


5-7 and 7+ YEARS OLD

This 55 minute beginning level gymnastics class takes the boys through Floor, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar, and Trampoline. This class will help your son with strength, flexibility, coordination and confidence, as well as act as a great stepping stone for future sports. We divide ages at this level with 5 thru 7 year old’s in one class and 7+ in another. The option for a 7 year old being in either class helps us with the wide range in development and finding the best fit for each child.


This 55 minute class is designed for boys who have already been evaluated to be in this higher level gymnastics group. At this time they should be competent at the majority of the beginner level skills. They will train on the same events as the beginning level, but at a faster rate of learning. They will perfect their basics as well as begin learning some of the higher level skills in the sport.


This invite only class meets once a week for 2 hours and is designed for the highest level recreational gymnasts at Premier West in this age group. The extra time in the gym gives the boys the ability to learn many new skills needed for competitive gymnastics.